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ENGLISH 波多野结衣的视频mp4In Lige things were no longer so depressing as at the time of my first visit. There was some traffic in the streets, and by order of the German authorities the shops had been reopened.The terrified little sister was unable to stammer anything more, and in great fear suddenly closed the little shutter again.(1.) Why does machinery involve so many cylindrical forms?(2.) Why is it desirable to have separate feed gear for turning and screw cutting?(3.) What is gained by the frictional starting gearing now applied to the finer class of lathes?(4.) How may the alignment of a lathe be tested?(5.) What kind of deviation with a lathe carriage will most affect the truth of work performed?(6.) How may an oval hole be bored on a common slide lathe?(7.) How can the angular [128] ways of a lathe and the corresponding grooves in a carriage be planed to fit without employing gauges?(8.) Give the number of teeth in two wheels to cut a screw of ten threads, when a leading screw is four threads per inch?

Pens will generally fill by capillary attraction; if not, they should be made wet by being dipped into water; they should not be put into the mouth to wet them, as there is danger of poison from some kinds of ink, and the habit is not a neat one.(1.) Why are machine frames constructed in sections, instead of being in one piece?(2.) Why must parts which have contact on opposite sides have specific dimensions?(3.) What are standards of measure based upon in England, America, and France?(4.) How can weight be measured by time?(5.) Has the French metre proved a standard admitting of test reference?

"But are you sure? Where are the French now, and where did the British land?""I believe that it is my duty to take that task upon me, assisted by some well-known burgesses, who have undertaken to stand by me.

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130I will, in connection with this subject of patterns and castings, suggest a plan of learning especially applicable in such cases, that of adopting a habit of imagining the manner of moulding, and the kind of pattern used in producing each casting that comes under notice. Such a habit becomes easy and natural in a short time, and is a sure means of acquiring an extended knowledge of patterns and moulding.

"That way, sir!"

I had already been near Huy, at a time when several burning houses shrouded the whole town in clouds of smoke. On August 24th, at ten o'clock at night, some shots had been fired in the neighbourhood of the viaduct. This was a sign for hundreds of soldiers to begin shooting at random and arrest several persons. Several houses were perforated like sieves by bullets, and an entire street of twenty-eight houses, the Rue du Jardin, was reduced to ashes. No civilians were killed.


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5. The loss of power during transmission.It may be mentioned in regard to rack gearing for communicating movement to the carriages of planing machines or other purposes of a similar nature: the rack can be drawn to the wheel, and a lifting action avoided, by shortening the pitch of the rack, so that it will vary a little from the driving wheel. The rising or entering teeth in this case do not come in contact with those on the rack until they have attained a position normal to the line of the carriage movement.Workshop processes which are capable of being systematised are the most easy to learn. When a process is reduced to a system it is no longer a subject of special knowledge, but comes within general rules and principles, which enable a learner to use his reasoning powers to a greater extent in mastering it.

But the German troops had ample provisions for themselves, and as an officer noticed that I went all over the town to find some food in one of the58 restaurants, he offered me, the "friendly" Netherlander, something to eat at the Guard House. This I declined, however, for I could not have enjoyed bread taken from the starving population.In studying improvements with a view to practical gain, a learner can have no reasonable hope of accomplishing much in fields already gone over by able engineers, nor in demonstrating anything new in what may be called exhausted subjects, such as steam-engines or water-wheels; he should rather choose new and special subjects, but avoid schemes not in some degree confirmed by existing practice.

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